• Baropodometric Computerised Foot Examination
  • Electrical and Manual Wheelchairs
  • Orthopaedic braces
  • Electric and Manual Beds
  • Electric Scooters

Centro Ortopedico Sutera

Centro Ortopedico Sutera, holds agreements with ASL and INAIL and provides orthopaedic products for all needs. Our in-house laboratory manufactures different devices, such as corsets, braces, insoles, splints, abdominal trusses, wheelchairs and other walking aids for the infirm. Centro Ortopedico Sutera offers stair lifts, articulated beds, bedsore mattresses, custom footwear designed for insoles, bras and corsets, stockings and other orthopaedic products to improve the quality of life.

home delivery

Technical evaluations and delivery

Centro Ortopedico Sutera offers a useful home disability evaluation service in order to manufacture a customised, high-quality product. The finished product is then delivered to your home by our couriers.

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